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Osceola Muhammad

Owner and Artist


Hi, I’m Osceola, the Owner and Principal Creative of Organic Mood. As a Chicago-based Creative, I come from a background with a wide range of creative interests and endeavors. By trade, I am a graphic designer and photographer, but in some form or another, the traditional arts have remained a constant throughout my life. 

Organic Mood has been a budding concept for over five years leading up to this Spring 2021 release. OM grew out of the need to showcase certain types of art that I consistently gravitate toward. 

At its root, the concept of Organic Mood builds around the appreciation and love of nature. The work featured here creatively finds ways to emulate nature, incorporate portions of nature, and/or protects nature by utilizing repurposed and found materials. My goal is to physically bring more of the natural world into our everyday lives in an effort to help us identify with the Earth.

Along with the appreciation of nature, Organic Mood promotes self-love and balance to reinforce the understanding that our natural beauty and our connection to nature should be treasured and celebrated. 

Now that Organic Mood has this defined space, I am excited about sharing future creations and inspiring expansions that are sure to come.  


Thanks for stopping by, take a look around if you have any questions let me know.​

- O -

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